Family Day is an event that is intended to allow loved ones to take a respite from their daily lives and spend quality time together. Our Family Day held on Sunday, 19th May, 2019, with the aim of improving communication throughout the entire school community by bringing students, parents and staff together in an informal setting.


The staff worked with parents to organize Family Day to include uncles and aunts, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives in enjoying reflection spaces and interactive fun and games.

The fun-filled package hit the climax, as the grand finale of activities, The Novelty Match between fathers and sons, began. Guess who won the match?


One of the parents said, “It was fun and we laughed a lot.” Another parent said, “I spent a lovely day with my husband and children, I wish this day was celebrated more often.”


As this year’s Family Day ended, families returned to their homes tired but very happy to have had the opportunity to spend a special day together and hoping to have similar opportunities in the near the future.


Family Day also provided an opportunity to share information with the school community such as details of forthcoming developments, projects and improvements. We thank our parents who made out time to attend the event, and the PTA who organised the event. We love you all, and look forward to the next Family Day in 2020.



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