Teachers’ Training

On February 1, 2020, MAYEIN (Mentors Assistance for Youths and Entrepreneurs Initiative) organised a training workshop for The Vale College teachers. It started with an agenda setting for the training and revisiting the mission, vision and values of The Vale College.

Mr Ayo Odeogbola, a Global Prize Finalist, Commonwealth Scholar and Mandela Washington Fellow, led the first session tagged SKILL SETS EVERY TEACHER MUST HAVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

He encouraged teachers to:

1. be change-makers

2. take risks

3. collaborate (team-spirit…with peers and students) through project based-activities that go beyond the classroom

4. be Creative…make use of technology to drive learning e.g Skype and Sway

5. embrace skilled communication and critical thinking

6. join professional groups and public discourse

7. practice self-regulation / proper time management

It was a very inspiring lecture and all teachers made commitments to be change-makers within and outside the school.

Mrs Ibeyemi Ifaturoti, a capacity-building expert, came up next with a presentation tagged CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN THE CLASSROOM.

She spoke about modelling 21st century skills to our students and explained ways of stimulating the students’ creativity. In essence, creativity and innovation are essential to both the teachers and the learners.

The last session was by Mrs Edem Dorothy Ossai. She led all teachers through a Professional Development and Action Plan with aim of optimising teachers’ growth, performance and impact.

The plan will also help teachers in monitoring and evaluating growth and positive impact in the work place.

Today’s sessions were set to transform the minds of staff of The Vale College, helping the teachers to see themselves as valued professionals, and to develop a culture of shared learning, excellence, innovation, respect and accountability.

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