Celebrations were in full swing this week at The Vale College when students received their JAMB results.  This year saw the school achieve the best ever set of JAMB results with 351, 341(×2), 333, 326, 314, 307, 299, 295 and 293 as the top 10 scores.
All our common hard work to make it possible and indeed the students’ own efforts have certainly paid off! We are grateful to our students for their hard work and amazing achievements! We are most grateful to our staff and parents for their strong support to this successful journey.
In the past few years, the school has gone through a period of incredible change, and these results have further cemented the fact that the school is heading in a very positive direction.
We look forward to seeing them flourish further in their POST-UME, WAEC AND NECO.

Long Live The Vale College!

She Evolves

On Wednesday, 4th March, 2020, students of The Vale College attended the public presentation of SHE EVOLVES.

The event began by 10:30am, and was hosted by Ronke Giwa.
The book, SHE EVOLVES’ is filled with practical knowledge that will help a woman navigate effectively and optimally through each decade of her life. The book is written by five authors. Each author writes about her decade. The personal stories, knowledge and lessons shared in the book is to help young girls and women maximize their present decade and give insights into the decades ahead.

The book is not just for the female gender. It is also for men and boys who have different women in their lives – mother,  sister, cousins, wife, daughter – and who care to understand as well as care to help maximise each active decade of a woman’s life.

All the women agreed that every woman deserves their own money and respect, and must love herself over all others. They also stress the need for young girls to deliberately build meaningful and healthy relationships to support them in life’s journey.

World Book Day 2020

It’s that time of year again…WORLD BOOK DAY. As our programs begin, we’re showcasing student-authored books to our community, attending publishing events and watching students be inspired by peer authors.

Dunbarin (left) and Yetunde (right)

It’s time to celebrate our young authors…DUNABRIN AKINWANDE AND YETUNDE OJEBOLA.
When students see their own work in a professionally published book, they experience the connection between perseverance and achievement. They see that their voices are valued. They see themselves as writers.
We see them emerge with a sense of self-efficacy and the confidence to take on new challenges.

The results are worth celebrating. So, we celebrate that success today and remind our students that anything’s possible. And we hope they carry that sense of achievement to their next project and beyond.
Happy World Book Day.