Our school’s modern, purpose-built dormitories are conducive to academic study. Rooms are provided to boarders from Years 7 to 12. Although high levels of privacy are provided, our emphasis on community living, participation and respect for each other is reinforced daily.

As a community, we dine together at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meal times at the boarding house combine a relaxed family atmosphere with an emphasis on table manners and appropriate social behaviour.

Students also have access to the various sporting facilities on campus, such as the football field, tennis courts, basketball court, etc.

A wide range of activities are on offer, including weekend excursions and educational visits, all of which provide ample opportunities for Boarders to develop further their musical, artistic, drama and sporting pursuits and interests.

This is an opportunity for students to further develop their soft skills such as leadership, empathy, teamwork, self-regulation, etc.

It is a true experience of ‘home away from home’ both in terms of comfort and academic rigour.

Full and weekly boarding options for our students are available.


Our Boarding principles

  • Boarding is based on open and honest trusting relationships and mutual respect for the individual.
  • The communication of values is vital to the success of the community.
  • Our aim is the development of a person: emotionally, morally, intellectually, socially, spiritually and physically. All members of the community are expected to contribute and participate so they may broaden their experience, understanding and achievement.
  • Each boarder and member of staff has the right to work, rest, play and relax free from bullying and harassment of any form.
  • Each boarder has the right to extend his intellectual and academic endeavours in an environment that is positive and encouraging, and in conditions that are conducive to learning.

  • There is equality of opportunity for all students regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity and background.
  • Staff and students respect the right of each other to privacy.
  • Leadership in boarding is embraced through the opportunity to serve others.
  • It is observed in students who take a genuine interest in all members of the house, and are positive role models, approachable and who earn the respect of the community without being self-serving


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