Admission procedures take place between March and August annually for the academic year commencing the following September.

The Vale College admits children into Junior Secondary 1 at age 9. We also admit students into Junior Secondary School 2. Admission into classes is subject to availability of vacancies. It is also based strictly on performance in tests/examinations. The school does not recommend that children enter Junior Secondary One before their 9th Birthday. However, exceptions could be made for outstanding children.

The structure of the educational system in the country is reflected in our policy on a child’s age on admission. If the child is rushed, part of the purpose of the 9-3-4 system is subverted.

Note: The school feels very strongly about children finishing primary school before the age of 10, except in very exceptional cases.

Rushing the child through primary school lays the foundation for a weak academic background, immaturity and inadequate attainment of the child’s full potential at the primary level before embarking on a secondary career. The Vale College is therefore the choice of the 21st century.

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