COVID-19 Provisions

Then: Virtual Class

As per government guidelines, The Vale College is now only open physically to academic work in school

After several months of successfully conducting virtual school in 2020 during the covid break, we welcomed all our students back september, 2020. We adhered to the very best practice in order to ensure the continued safety of all members of pur educational community. We are hugely proud of our exceptional remote learning provision and all of our students, during the break wherever they were in the world, were taught remotely with a full week of interactive learning via virtual account on our school portal. Our quality of teaching and technological support remains at the highest possible level and all pupils continue to be inspired and educated by our incredible team of teachers each day.

Now: COVID Provisions
Covid-19 Alert Signage

To remind students of COVID-19 precautional rules, signage, postals, banners were used in corridors, classrooms, front of convenience, laboratories' entrance, assembly halls, libraries and other key places. This postals were used to illustrate key messages and inform your students on the move. The school clinic ensured these postals were attractive, colourful and thoroughly engaging.

Washing of hands

The School management has added more wash hand basins particularly adding 3 at the school entrance for students and guests. The Security have been directed to ensure every individual coming into the school wash their hands before making it into the school corridor. They have been doing a good job. The Class teachers mandate respective classes to periodically wash hands, particularly during the breaks and sometimes in between classes.

Mandatory Face Mask/Shield

It is now part of school regulations to use face mask/shield. The Admin Office has made the procurement of this item very easy and affordable. There are customised face mask which are a little pricer than regular ones, but Face Mask in the vale is a must!

Social Distancing

In and out of class we have ensured the students are well spaced. Arrangement of classroom seats, laboratory seats and assembly on classroom basis has reduced physical-social interaction and helped ensure proper distancing.

Suspended Contact Sports

Kids have to play, but for now we have limited the interaction to only non-contact sports and games such as chess, scrabble, table tennis, badminton...

Paying Close attention to signs and symptoms

Aside all the precaution the school is taking to ensure the COVID doesnt make its way into the school, the school staff pay very close attention to everyone to ensure signs are caught and nothing is taking for granted. A few cases where students and staff showed signs, they were immediately quarantined and carefully taken home, thankfully on all occasion it was not COVID!

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